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Lift Up Contra Costa ( 501c(4) Table/ 501c(3)) is a coalition of economic, labor, environmental, racial, and criminal justice organizations that have come together to develop a county-wide civic engagement table committed to progressively transforming the political landscape of Contra Costa County. The table came together to organize Black people, people of color, immigrants, tenants, and low-wage workers so that they can have an influence on the issues that most affect them and their families.

The organizations that make up LUCC have a long history of organizing Black, Brown, immigrant, and working-class people living in and moving into Contra Costa County to create a more inclusive economy, thriving communities, and engaged democracy locally, statewide, and nationally. LUCC’s work focuses on engaging Black and Brown communities who have been disenfranchised, under-represented, and displaced. The organizations that are part of the table work closely with formerly incarcerated individuals, undocumented immigrants, and residents of color in Contra Costa County. 

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OPC’s values towards a just transition in Richmond are deeply-rooted in racial equity, meaningful work, and inclusive democratic governance. Fueling a movement grounded on an ecological, socially-balanced economy that uplifts people, contests power, retains and values Richmond’s cultural fabric, creates home, mindful production, and consumption, and soulful-healing transformation across race and frontline communities.

Just Transition is a vision-led, unifying, and place-based set of principles, processes, and practices that build economic and political power to shift from an extractive economy to a regenerative economy. Safe Return believes that a Just Transition is only possible if we dismantle the systems of mass incarceration as these systems embody the extractive economy that over incarcerates black people and people of color for profit. 

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Safe Return organizers, family members, and leaders have all been impacted by violence in our community and since 2012 we as an organization have been committed to movements that reduce gun violence, police brutality, and the senseless killing of black women and young people in the city of Richmond CA and throughout the County of Contra Costa. Our goal is to promote healing where there is harm, restorative justice, and restore our communities through communicating a public safety message that reinvests in the root causes of violence. 

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The work of Safe Return and the CCCRJC has lead to the launch of Diablo Valley College's first ever Social Justice major, which began January 2018. This major is intended for students looking for a way to connect their college education to their lived experiences and concerns. In the current political climate, we believe that this major will be immediately impactful on the college students and the way they connect their academics to organizing for social change in their communities.

In order to develop this capacity, the campus has committed to create strategic relations with community-based organizations that are engaged in social justice work. Safe Return Project holds a set on the Community Advisory Board for the DVC Social Justice Major with the sole purpose of making sure that the campus creates safe spaces for formerly incarcerated students to be visible and lead movements for social change. 

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