TimeDone 2019

.The Safe Return team attended the TimeDone Day of Advocacy in Sacramento on June 11th. At TimeDone, we visited California assembly member Buffy Wicks, senator Bill Dodd, and Senator Scott Wiener regarding the following:

-AB 1331

Improve the quality and centralization of criminal history data to increase transparency and data driven policy development

-AB 1076

Open doors to those facing employment and housing barriers by automating the process of clearing an arrest or criminal record for eligible individuals


The #TimeDone/Second Chances campaign was created to mobilize people living with past convictions and their families so together we can shine a light on the obstacles standing between 8 million Californians and stability and organize for policy change.

#TimeDone/Second Chances is advocating in the State Capitol to shape public policy, connecting people with support opportunities locally and bringing people living with past convictions together to join as a unified voice.

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Quest for Democracy 2019

On May 19th, Safe Return and hundreds of formerly incarcerated & convicted people, family members, & allies convened at the California Capitol for community, advocacy training, & legislative visits to convince lawmakers to pass a platform of bills to improve access to employment, housing, & education, & to restore our civil & human rights.

Safe Return advocated for the following:

-SB 144

End the assessment and collection of administrative fees imposed against people in the criminal justice system. By doing so, it would dramatically reduce the economic hardships caused by court-ordered debt and enhance the economic security of system-involved populations, their families and their communities

-SB 136

Repeals a mandatory one-year sentence enhancement that is added to an individual’s base sentence for each prior prison or felony jail term served.This will advance racial justice and fairness and help keep families together.

For more information on Quest for Democracy please contact

Sandra Johnson

AOUON Senior Organizer

(415) 625-7059