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We Are Hiring!


The Safe Return Project is dedicated to creating an equitable and healthy environment for Contra Costa County residents, young and old, returning home to their communities from incarceration. Safe Return Project members engage the community through research and community organizing. Our goal is to educate our communities on the needs and to transform systems that impact those returning home from incarceration; and to shift the dominant narratives in communities that receive and serve men, women, and youth coming home from incarceration from one of fear to one of acceptance and hope. The Safe Return Project believes that breaking down barriers to employment, housing, and family reunification for people coming home to our communities will give them a fighting chance at successful reintegration. Our commitment is to true public safety in the form of the best, multifaceted community-based practices at the grassroots level.

Organizational Culture

At Safe Return, we build an intentional culture that centers on healing, self-sufficiency, accountability, and liberation. When we envision a “safe return” for those coming out of incarceration, we see true public safety achieved in the form of multifaceted community-based best practices at the grassroots level. We are committed to creating spaces where all voices are heard, and all people are embraced for their wholeness.

Organizing & Training Director

Safe Return Project seeks an Organizing &Training Director to manage, lead, and support the growth and development of Safe Return’s work in Contra Costa County. The ideal candidate will have at least 2 to 5  years of experience in organizing around racial, social, and economic justice. The ideal candidate will have experience building community leaders and moving issue campaigns, familiarity with Contra Costa Communities,  and a deep desire to work across lines of race, religion, socioeconomic class, and culture. The candidate will have personal experience with the criminal justice system, a demonstrated awareness of the impact of systemic racism in the criminal justice system, and a desire to change it.

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