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The Census is a critical time to be counted and we all know how complicated official documents can be! Our question assistance center is open to community members to contact a staff member to fill out the census and answer any questions they may have filling it out.


Making Informed Voters

Educating our community about the election is extremely important given the number of ballot initiatives and local measures that can have implications on formerly incarcerated community members. Our goal is to provide the information to our base so they can become an informed voter and be confident in their decisions at the polls.


Community Outreach

Community outreach is integral to Safe Return's work. Even in a crisis such as COVID-19 we are still dedicated to reaching out through one-on-one phone calls and digital campaigns by phone and other contact means to stay connected and inform our community of upcoming opportunities to exercise their right as a citizen to change the system.


Reimagine Public Saftey

Safe Return Project is committed to fighting for reinvestment in a reimagined public safety system. We want to understand how our community reimagines public safety, and we are invested in reimagining systems of care for a healthier, safer Richmond and Contra Costa County by focusing on prevention and intervention services, resources, and programs.  

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