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A paid opportunity to transform your life and the lives of others!

A year-long program designed to benefit individuals directly impacted by criminalization and racial disparity who are ready to build marketable skill sets and commit to personal transformation and healing. The program gives people a chance to grow by getting involved in social justice movements and community organizations, developing communication skills, and developing leadership in community action and civic engagement strategies. For further details, email us at

Current Fellows

Amani_2024 Fellow.png

Amani Dzidzornu
Richard Boyd Fellowship, 2023-2024

Teonnie_2024 Fellow.png

Teonnie Johnson

Richard Boyd Fellowship, 2023-2024

Sandra_2024 Fellow.png

Sandra Miller
Richard Boyd Fellowship, 2023-2024

Edmund_2024 Fellow.png

Edmund Singleton, III
Richard Boyd Fellowship, 2023-2024

Previous Fellow Cohorts

2022-2023 Richard Boyd Fellows


Teonnie Johnson. John Talbert, Rena Moore, and Pedro Bernal

2021 Richard Boyd Fellows

2021 Richard Boyd Fellows and Safe Return Team

Antoine Watt, Aaron Williams, Sr., and Alexis Parsons

2020 Richard Boyd Fellows

Mica Herrera, Gloria Schroeder, Marvin Galdamez, and  Carnell Mayfield

2019 Richard Boyd Fellows

Adey Teshager, Carlos Fernandez, LaMar Harrison, Michelle Walker, and Sharlee Battle

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