Empowering former incarcerated persons for a brighter future. 


Supporting families and communities.



The Safe Return Project operates several leadership training programs like the Collective Leadership Institute to support formerly incarcerated persons, their families and communities.

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Mobilizing communities to organize and empower their families and neighborhoods has been a cornerstone initiative at the Safe Return Project.

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The Richard Boyd Empowerment Pathway Fellowship develops leaders in reformative justice who have been formerly incarcerated.

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Much of the Safe Return Project’s work is around advocating and building good, sustainable policy that empowers former incarcerated persons to build better futures.

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Today’s Fellows.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

The Richard Boyd Empowerment Pathway Fellowship invests in the personal transformation of all men, women, and youth directly impacted by the criminal justice system in Richmond and throughout Contra Costa County. The institute also focuses on moving individuals to action on their own behalf in the form of community organizing and civic engagement to changing policies and structures that directly impact their population. The institute also equips them to go out in to their communities and be true agents of change for all that is equitable.

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