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Proposition 47, a law passed by California voters in November 2014, allows people with certain nonviolent felonies on their past criminal records to reclassify those to misdemeanors, which can remove barriers to jobs, housing, education and more. Find out how and learn more at


We hosted a total of 6 reclassification events over the past two years in partnership with the Contra Costa Public Defender's office, the Courts, and the District Attorney’s office. These events engaged over 4000 Contra Costa residents and reclassified over 2000 residents, in addition to clearing over $20,000 in traffic debt. This work included securing live scans for over 100 Contra Costa residents and supporting over 500 formerly incarcerated residents through the Contra Costa Record Expungement Clean Slate program.


Safe Return is now a part of a Local Advisory Committee for Prop 47 mental health and drug addiction strategies inEast Contra Costa County (Antioch). The Committee will oversee the strategies funded through the BSCC in the amount of $6 million Prop 47 granted over 38 months. 5-10% of the funding is for evaluation, and there must be a pass through of at least 50% of all funds to non-public-agency organizations to provide equitable services.

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